Preliminary Vision Assessment

80% of perceptual input in sports is visual.

Basketball players need to keep constant subconscious tabs on the location of the ball and other players in relation to themselves. Football players need to monitor the distance of players on the opposing team in relation to themselves. Without the skills to accurately recognize and process these quickly changing positions, athletes cannot properly play their sport.

This questionnaire is designed to evaluate whether or not an athlete is having vision issues. By designating symptoms that you experience on a regular basis, you can provide us with the information we need to assess the extent of these issues. If your child does not know the answer to a particular question, feel free to skip it, or ask a teacher/coach for input.

The goal for every athlete should be automaticity, or the effortless function of the visual system. The staff at Gold Coast Vision Performance can then provide patients with the assistance they need to maximize visual skills for athletic performance through vision therapy.